1) julio m
2) newtónmetro m

English-Spanish architecture and construction dictionary. 2013.

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  • newton meter — (N·m)    the SI unit of torque. Torque, the tendency of a force to cause a rotation, is the product of the force and the distance from the center of rotation to the point where the force is applied. Torque has the same units as work or energy,… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

  • newton meter — See newton metre as the standard spelling …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • newton-meter — /nooht n mee teuhr, nyooht /, n. Physics. joule. * * * …   Universalium

  • newton-meter — A unit of the MKS system, expressed as energy expended, or work done, by a force of 1 N acting through a distance of 1 m; equal to 1 J = 107 ergs …   Medical dictionary

  • newton-meter — /nooht n mee teuhr, nyooht /, n. Physics. joule …   Useful english dictionary

  • Newton metro — es una unidad de medida de esfuerzo de torsión (también llamado momento ) en el sistema SI. La forma simbólica es N m o N·m,[1] y a veces newton metro. También se utiliza con menos frecuencia, como una unidad de energía, en cuyo caso es sinónimo… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Newton metre — A newton metre is a unit of torque (also called moment ) in the SI system. The symbolic form is N m or N·m,[1] and sometimes hyphenated newton metre. One newton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied… …   Wikipedia

  • meter — [1] A device for measuring the quantity of a substance passing through it. [2] To measure with a meter. [3] to supply at a measured rate. [4] A distance of about a yard (actually a little over 39.37 ). Also spelled metre. Also see airflow meter… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Newton A. Perry — Newton Perry Born January 6, 1908(1908 01 06) Died November 22, 1987(1987 11 22) (aged 79) …   Wikipedia

  • Newton Mearns — Koordinaten 55° 47′ N, 4° 20′ W …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • newton — [no͞ot′ n, nyo͞ot′ n] n. [after NEWTON2 Sir Isaac] the basic unit of force in the SI and MKS systems, equal to the force which imparts to a mass of one kilogram an acceleration of one meter per second per second: abbrev. N …   English World dictionary

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